9 Best: Online Giving for Churches

Choosing a solution for online giving for churches is no easy task. Thankfully, there are quite a few great solutions for church giving software. Beyond the competitive pricing of the church giving software below, church leaders should give thought to a few related factors.

When choosing a solution for online giving for churches, consider:

Church Management Software

One feature to consider is how well the church giving software fits within the overall church tech stack, including the church management software. While it is not a requirement that your church giving software integrate with your church management software, there may be opportunities for API integration and automation that would help you better lead with data (church metrics).

Church Accounting Software

Another consideration with online giving for churches is the relationship between church giving software and church accounting software. Your finance director or business manager will certainly have ideas on the integration of these two church software. Though not a necessity, this could be an easy win for the church staff and allow for better data leadership.

Usability and Experience

A final consideration for online giving for churches is the usability and experience for both church members and church staff. Church giving software like Anedot and PushPay have spent a lot of time developing seamless and enjoyable giving and management experiences. Your church giving software should be embraced by your people and not a hurdle to worshipping through giving. Check with your staff and possibly a focus group of church members to get their feedback on the user experience of various church giving software options and compare online giving fees.

Online Giving for Churches


1. Anedot

Anedot - Online giving for churches

Price: $0
Transaction fee: 3.0%+ 30¢ for cards (including AmEx, Apple Pay, and PayPal) and 0.3% + 30¢ for ACH

Churches use Anedot to help make receiving tithes and offerings online simple.

Accept tithes and offerings regularly
Allow for one-time donations to multiple ministry funds or schedule recurring tithes.

Convenient payment methods
Provide convenient payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, and ACH.

Available, everywhere
Donation pages are accessible any time through SMS, desktop, or mobile web.

Pricing: Get Started for Free


Customizable pages
Everything you need to design unlimited donation pages. Each measured and tested to perform for optimal conversions.

Multi-platform support
Reach your supporters on every platform from mobile to web. All pages are compatible with the latest devices and web browsers.

Text to Give
Immediately share donation page links with supporters through SMS when they text a keyword to 225-25.

Increase donation totals by presenting supporters with additional offers like giveaways or recurring donations.

Donor Recovery
Increase conversions by sending automated emails to abandoned forms, encouraging supporters to complete their donation.

Flexible fundraising workflows
Build donation pages according to your needs and workflows, and we’ll handle the rest. All pages are designed to convert.

Own your data
We believe in data security and privacy for your organization. That’s why we pledge never to sell or license your data to anyone.

Friendly support
Working with us is like working with friends. You can always expect a quick and friendly response. Here to help if you need us.

Learn more about Anedot integrations here.

2. Pushpay


Pushpay builds world-class giving and engagement solutions to help organizations grow their communities. The Pushpay platform is designed to drive participation, inspire generosity, and simplify financial workflows. The company serves more than 7,000 customers including churches, schools, and non-profits.

Pricing: Get A Quote


Church Community Builder provides all-in-one church management software and coaching solutions for church community engagement, assimilation, and retention. Move from just managing people, to knowing them, growing them, and keeping them in your church community.

Planning Center creates beautiful, powerful, and affordable applications for churches. Whether you’re planning your services, scheduling volunteers, checking in kids, organizing small groups, or managing your facilities, use only the apps you need or use them together as a full church management system.

Rock RMS is the innovation toolkit for the modern church. Built by a non-profit core development team and feature-compatible with all top ChMS products, Rock is community-powered and fully focused on developing technology solutions to help churches seek and save the lost.

Servant Keeper has been creating cost effective and easy-to-use database solutions for churches. With a suite of customizable tools, on-demand reports, and time-saving shortcuts is it any wonder that more than 30,000 ministries trust Servant Keeper with their church management needs.

Quickbooks: With well over a 1 million subscribers including 1,000s of churches Intuit is the dominant provider of US accounting software. Quickbooks Online (QBO) is an elegant, cloud-based solution that makes it easy for ministries of all sizes to manage expenses, giving, and even payroll.

Ministry Platform is a browser-based application created to grow with your church. Their dedicated team creates innovative solutions for over a hundred major churches worldwide to better manage their people, events, groups, and donations in ways that makes the most sense to them.

TouchPoint is enterprise online church management software that helps leaders grow disciples. Connect your church between Sundays from any device. They offer a robust off-the-shelf solution that has the flexibility of a custom system. Beyond the platform, TouchPoint also provides hands-on coaching and the most responsive support team in the industry.

Fellowship One offers a complete church management toolbox, alongside event management through ServiceU. Through F1, you’ll be fully equipped to maximize your ministry efficiency level with not only superior tools but also complementary consulting and training opportunities.

Shelby Arena is a full church management system with powerful, ministry-oriented tools and complete compatibility with Shelby Financials. Arena can help you extend outreach in new ways to both current and potential new members.

Elvanto is an all-in-one, 100% cloud-based church management system with no add-on costs. They provide a program that’s really user-friendly & intuitive, as well as being jam-packed with powerful features to help your church do ministry better.

Seraphim church management software is designed to maximize your outreach and create intimacy between members, regular attenders and visitors. Their intuitive and practical tools makes complicated tasks easy allowing you to get back to what you do best: ministry!

One Church Software offers a modern and intuitive church management experience providing everything your church needs to be effective including easy access to your data, powerful reporting, automation tools, and fast customer support.

UCare provides effective and easy to use all-in-one church management solution that doesn’t cost the world so you can focus on ministry and loving people.

Managed Missions is a mission trip management software designed to simplify the administrative workload of short-term missions.

Learn more about Pushpay integrations here.

3. Tithe.ly

Online Giving for Churches

Price: $0 (text-to-give is $19 per month)
Transaction fee: 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction


Instant email receipts
Donors instantly receive an email receipt with amount given and to which fund they gave.

Fund designations
Customize the giving funds to meet your needs. For example: “Tithe,” “Offering,” or even “Men’s Conference Registration”.

Customized email confirmations
Easily customize your gift confirmation email with branding and your custom message.

Instant ACH
Login using your online banking credentials! No more account and routing numbers.

ChMS integrations
Integrates into some of the most popular church management systems like Elvanto, CCB, Breeze, Shelby, FaithTeams, and ROCK RMS. With F1, and others coming soon.

Lifetime gift tracking
Donors have access to all their giving history for easy accounting.

Weekly giving reminders
iPhone users get weekly giving reminders. Great for holiday and weather-affected weekends.

No account needed
Allow giving without creating an account. Great for one-time gifts via iPad kiosk in your church’s lobby or for use in small group settings.

Admin single gift and batch giving entry
Easily enter credit, debit, and ACH gifts to be processed or record cash and check donations. Plus, save donor info to make subsequent gifts simple.

Multi-gift / designations
Members can give to multiple funds in one transaction, saving money and time.

Multi-campus configuration
Create another church for members to give to and even deposit into different bank accounts.

Custom statement descriptors
Make sure donors know their gift went to you by customizing what they see on their credit card statements.

Learn more about Tithe.ly features here.

4. Online Giving

Online giving for churches

Price: $50 per mo.
Transaction fee: 1.99% + $0.30 per transaction


12 Ways to Give
Engineered to make giving to your church easy on every device with an amazing 12 different ways to give.

Advanced ChMS Integration
Cutting Edge platform-wide seamless integrations for today’s top Church Management System providers.

Auto Recurring Giving
Givers can set-up recurring and future scheduled gifts with ease and flexibility. one-click recurring giving creation.

Cover the Fees
Churches may allow donors to increase their gift to cover the process fees for one-time and recurring gifts.

Custom Giving Pages
Creating custom giving pages dedicated to specific funds such as mission trips or special event giving.

Instantly Give
We’ve removed the barriers to giving with 3 seconds or less one-click gift completion for repeat givers.

Learn more about Online Giving’s features here.

5. SecureGive

Online Giving for Churches

Price: $29 per month
Transaction fee: Not listed

6.  Givelify

Price: Free
Transaction fee: 2.9% + $0.30 per donation

7. TXT2Give

Price: $25 per month
Transaction fee: 1% or 0% depending on pricing plan

8. EasyTithe

Price: Free
Transaction fee: Varies by plan, but starts at 3% plus $0.39 per transaction

9. E-Zekiel

Price: $30 per month
Transaction fee: 3% plus $0.30 per transaction

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Josh Breland

Article by:

Josh Breland 

I started Churchlytics to equip church leaders with analytics dashboards and strategy. I previously led communications and strategic initiatives at College Park Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Josh Breland

Josh Breland

I started Churchlytics to equip church leaders with analytics dashboards and strategy.

Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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